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Bellman Door Transmitter



The door transmitter from Bellman & Symfon is part of the Visit smart home system that helps you to keep tabs on your home. It recognises the majority of doorbells and intercoms by default and can be programmed to identify virtually any doorbell sound.

In the box ✔ Door Transmitter ✔ 2 x AA Batteries Accessories Ext. trig. cable Ext. Mic.

How it works

When the door transmitter is activated, it signals the Visit receiver that notifies you with sound, flashes or vibrations (depending on the receiver).

Multiple activation

The door transmitter can be activated by:

The internal microphone

The built-in electromagnetic detector

The external microphone accessory

A galvanic connection to your existing doorbell 

The door transmitter uses dual microphone technology for reliable detection and a robust radio link that covers your entire home. It is very easy to set up, virtually maintenance free and operates on standard AA batteries.