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Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm Package



This package includes all the necessary components to give a person a visual and tactile (vibrating) alert to the smoke alarm. The Visit Flash is placed beside the bed and connected to the Visit Bed Shaker. When the Visit Smoke alarm is activated it sends a radio signal to the Visit Flash. The Visit Flash is connected to power via a mains adapter and has a built in rechargeable battery backup.

Our Bellman Visit Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Package is unique, with the purchase of additional transmitters you can be alerted to other activities in the home including the Doorbell, Phone, Baby Cry or if someone else in the house needs your assistance (using a push button transmitter)

Ask us today how the Bellman Visit Alerting System can help you remain independent, safe and secure.

Package includes the following items:

1 x Visit Flash - Strobe light. Includes mains power adaptor and battery backup.

1 x Visit Smoke Alarm - Tested and approved to AS3786; additional smoke alarms can be purchased and will work with your existing Visit receivers
1 x Visit Bed Shaker - Connects to the flash and is placed under the pillow.