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Bellman Audio Maxi Pro with Bluetooth



Bellman Audio Maxi Pro with Bluetooth

Maxi Pro brings out the words so you hear them loud and clear, even when there’s a lot going on in the background.

Maxi Pro is a complete listening solution that connects your smartphone and tablet so you can enjoy a chat with your friends or family in the room with you, or over a mobile phone.

Speech amplification

Hear the words loudly and clearly

Maxi Pro helps you to catch the conversation around the dinner table. Just place it in front of the person you are talking to, and it will clarify the speech so you hear it loud and clear. You can choose to listen with headphones, earphones, stethoclips or via hearing aids (requires neckloop)

Stethoclip and neckloop sold separately ($50 each)

Telephone amplification

Stay connected to loved ones

Sometimes, hearing when the phone rings and hearing the person on the other end can be a real challenge. Maxi Pro connects to your smartphone and amplifies both the ring tone and the caller’s voice. This means, you don’t have to ask your friends to repeat themselves.

Great ergonomics

Maxi Pro is very robust and user friendly. It features large tactile buttons, soft grip materials and high contrast indicators that make it real easy to handle. The unique design makes Maxi Pro the ideal choice for people with tremors, limited vision or low dexterity.

Multimedia streaming

Enjoy your favourites

Maxi Pro connects seamlessly with your tablet, PC and Bluetooth music system, so you can stream your favourite songs and video chat just as loud as you wish.

Hearing aid support

Give your hearing aids a boost

Maxi Pro is an excellent complement to hearing aids in busy environments. It clarifies speech and filters out disturbing noise before it reaches your hearing aids, making it easier to get the words right. Just order a neck loop with your Maxi (add $50).