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Audeara A-01 Headphones



Audeara headphones measure your hearing to tailor the sound perfectly for you. Audeara are suitable for people with normal hearing to severe hearing loss. 

With active noise cancelling, Bluetooth connectivity, and up to 65 hours battery life, the Audeara A-01 headphones give you everything a headphone should - plus more. Our innovative technology tests your hearing and personalises your favourite music perfectly for you, enhancing your experience through clarity, not volume. Try the Audeara experience for yourself today.


What is the output range for the Audeara?

If we download the app can there be more than 1 hearing test and user profile set up for other family members/friends?
Yes, you can toggle between user profiles via the Audeara App. When uploaded into the
headphones, the headphones will remain tailored to that user until they’re changed.

Can we adjust the volume on the headphones by using the app?
No, you need to do this manually via the headphones or smart device. 50% personalisation will have an overall higher volume of sound than 100% based on the nature of profile.

Does plugging the headphones into the headphone jack in the back of the TV require the TV volume to be turned up?
The louder the TV volume/laptop volume/iPhone volume the louder the volume in the
headphones- additional volume can be added by adjusting the volume of the headphones. Even more gain can be accessed in the headphones dependent on the loss recorded in the app.

If I have a severe hearing loss and we haven’t personalised the sound using the
app will it be loud enough?
Yes - the output of the headphones is 110dBSPL but the input volume from the TV also adds to this.

What levels does the audiogram test between?
-10 to 60dB.

Can we pair the headphones direct to a smart TV?
Yes, though every make and model of television is different. Using the BT-01 and optical cable will give the best results for your client. Depending on the TV, pairing the headphones directly via Bluetooth may act in similar way to plugging the headphones into the headphone jack of the TV, meaning the sound may not come out of the TV for other listeners in the room.