Hearing Tests

Hearing tests in Melbourne and Geelong

Hearing tests in progress in Melbourne, Victoria

Expression Audiology hearing tests in Melbourne or Geelong will help you understand the type and degree of your hearing loss. Accurate interpretation of the hearing test result will ensure your hearing loss is managed appropriately.

The initial assessment is 90 minutes in duration, and covers:

  • Comprehensive case history - determine any medical indications and situations where you experience the most difficulty hearing.
  • Comprehensive hearing test battery including middle ear test, pure tone audiometry, speech testing.

Upon completion, your results will be shared with you in detail, and an appropriate management plan will be determined. The hearing loss management plan may involve medical referral via a report to your GP.

Hearing loss management strategies such as communication tactics and hearing aid technology will be also be discussed.

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Client: "I first became aware of Expression Audiology at a free hearing check in a local community centre. At the hearing check I was referred to a Expression Audiology audiologist for a comprehensive assessment to examine my hearing. The Expression Audiology audiologist conducted the assessment and was extremely thorough."