Hearing Loss Management

hearing loss management

Hearing loss management

Our Rehabilitation Team specialises in working with adults who have hearing loss. We work together to provide a comprehensive range of hearing loss management services for:

  • Adults with hearing loss
  • Their families, friends and colleagues
  • Employers working with adults with hearing loss
  • Hearing awareness in the community

A session with one of our Expression Audiology speech pathologists / audiologists is an important component in hearing loss management, whether or not you have a hearing aid. Research universally suggests that whilst hearing aids reduce the challenges that hearing loss brings through amplification, difficulties encountered are further reduced when used in conjunction with hearing loss management programs.

Our team aims to support people to better understanding their hearing loss. It has been proven time and again, that when people understand the nature of their difficulty, they can learn to manage it much more effectively.

Hearing loss affects not only the individual but their partner, families, friends and colleagues. Therefore we encourage clients to bring family members to learn about their hearing loss too.

Rehabilitation supports people with:

  • Acceptance of hearing loss
  • Hearing aid management
  • Feeling more confident in challenging communication situations
  • Advice about Assistive Listening Devices and referral to Devices Officer.
  • Reduced Price Scheme for low income earners

Most importantly, we support clients to reach their optimal level of communication: with or without a hearing aid. The Rehabilitation Team is committed to working with clients to develop individually tailored programs, to maximise communication and to maintain social activity with family and friends.


Client: "The hearing aid recommended by my Expression Audiology audiologist and information about communication strategies in my Rehabilitation session has made such a huge difference when communicating with people, especially my family; it's been invaluable and now I can't imagine life without it."

Talk to us today about how we can help you: 

Phone. 1300 30 20 31
Email. audiology@expression.com.au
SMS/FaceTime. 0402 217 586


Living well with hearing loss courses

Having trouble hearing your family when you’re out to dinner? This may be the course for you!

Communication is an important part of our lives. For people with a hearing loss, listening in background noise, on the telephone or listening to the television can be difficult. Our programs offer a range of topics to help in the above and other situations.


Client: "After I was fitted with my hearing aids I received free rehabilitation sessions which gave me tips on how to communicate in situations I find difficult such as in a group, at a distance and over the telephone"

Topics may include:

  • Conversation strategies
  • Hearing tactics
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Telephone tactics
  • Information on hearing aid management
  • Speechreading (Lipreading)
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)
  • Relaxation techniques

* Fees apply, including discounts for pensioners and health care card holders.

Please contact the Rehabilitation team on 1300 30 20 31 or email audiology@expression.com.au for more information and specific course dates.

Hard of hearing social and support groups

Sounds Unlimited Group

Sounds Unlimited is a group for adults with hearing loss. It encourages people to gather, socialise, and discuss pertinent issues around advocacy, technology, services, communication experiences and attitudes.

It provides a source of information and opportunities for idea-sharing for the hard-of-hearing community on a casual, ongoing basis through meetings every second month at Expression Audiology in East Melbourne.

Topics are determined and at times presented by members themselves, while the group is facilitated by Expression Audiology Rehabilitation Team members. Guest speakers may be invited to present on specific themes of interest to the members. The key is to communicate and to do so actively and comfortably among peers within the hard-of-hearing community.

Light refreshments are provided.

For enquiries, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact the Rehabilitation Team on 1300 30 20 31or email audiology@expression.com.au.