Assistive Listening Devices

assistive listening devices

Assisted listening devices are designed to significantly aid communication for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing people. They can be used with or without hearing aids.
Expression Australia stocks a range of assisted listening devices. We also employ a dedicated Devices Specialist, who works closely with our team of audiologists and speech pathologists, to provide you with the best technology for your hearing needs.
Our range of assisted listening devices includes:
• Telephones with adjustable volume and tone controls
• Mobile phones with wireless Bluetooth loopset
• Television headsets with independent volume control
• Doorbells with low pitch chime and visual prompts
• Alarm clocks with volume, tone and vibration control and flash alert
• Wireless alert systems for the telephone, smoke detector, doorbell and baby cry monitor
• Induction hooks and loops that work with the telecoil feature of hearing aids to reduce background noise
• Personal amplifiers which assist to increase surrounding noise
• FM systems that work with your hearing aids increasing your speech understanding in challenging situations.
Visit our online shop or contact us to speak with our Devices Specialist:
Phone. 1300 30 20 31
SMS/FaceTime. 0402 217 586