Easier Listening

Help manage hearing loss: Easier Listening online program

Expression Audiology has collaborated with the Australian National University to launch a new online program for people with hearing loss. The interactive web-based program Easier Listening provides an introduction to managing hearing loss by helping you to identify factors that can make hearing difficult. It also offers practical strategies for managing hearing loss.

The program builds on 30 years of research and development in the field of hearing loss, and is centred on the principles of the Montreal Model of Hearing Help.

What does the 'Easier Listening' program involve?

  • The program provides you with practical strategies by using real-life scenarios and straightforward listening tactics.
  • It encourages you to think about the way you currently manage hearing and listening situations, assess how you manage these situations and why problems sometimes arise, and learn new ways and skills to help you to communicate more effectively.

How do I access the program?

To complete the program, simply visit the Easier Listening website and create a log-in and password to move through a series of interactive screens at your own leisure, logging in and out as you choose.

Is there a cost?

To celebrate its launch, there is currently no cost to complete the program.

Get in touch to learn more about managing hearing loss through the Easier Listening program.