Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology

There are regular updates to hearing aid technology offering more choice and options for our clients. When considering the purchase of a hearing aid, you are faced with a vast choice of different technologies including:

  • Digital hearing aids convert sound into a series of numbers. Calculations are performed on these numbers before they are converted back into amplified sound. The main advantage of digital hearing aids is that more sophisticated processing of sound is possible, allowing greater flexibility to tailor the hearing aid to meet your requirements.
  • Automatic volume control in hearing aids adjusts the amount of amplification depending on the loudness of the incoming sounds. This enables you to pick up soft sounds from a distance without nearer sounds being too loud.
  • Directional microphones in hearing aids can provide an effective form of background noise reduction.  Each hearing aid has a number of microphones. The incoming sound from these microphones is electronically manipulated so that speech is enhanced and background noise is reduced. This technology enables easier listening in a noisy environment, especially when you are facing the person who is speaking.
  • Noise reduction features identify speech from noise signals and process them separately.  This allows for enhancement of speech and reduction of noise.  
  • Multi program hearing aids allows you to access different hearing aid settings for different environments.  For example, one program may be set for quiet areas, another for listening in noisy areas or another for listening to music. These programs can be accessed automatically by the hearing aid or manually by a button.
  • Feedback reduction features are sophisticated electronic technologies that result in less “whistling” of hearing aids.

At Expression Audiology, we are highly qualified in hearing health. We have a multi-disciplinary team that is able to provide a range of services to clients using up-to-date equipment. We can help you decide what options are best for you.

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