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How can I improve my hearing when I am out for dinner with friends?
Why is it so difficult to hear in a group?
How can I encourage others to speak more clearly?
How can I hear when people mumble so much?

How often do you find yourself accusing other people of mumbling? While there is certainly a wide range of ability when it comes to speaking ‘clearly’, it is important to understand that part of the difficulty you are experiencing may be an inherent part of your hearing loss.

For many people, hearing loss is due to damage to the tiny hair cells of the inner ear. Once these have been damaged, through wear and tear, noise, disease or some other less common causes, they cannot be repaired. As a result the person may experience hearing loss including difficulties hearing sounds clearly, problems in background noise and some intolerance to loud sounds, as well as the most obvious symptom- certain sounds are no longer perceived as loud enough.

So the fact that other people seem to mumble may be largely due to your damaged hair cells distorting their speech, or unable to cope as well as before with the person’s unclear speech.

What can you do about this?
Vicdeaf offers Free Preliminary Hearing Checks for Adults. This is the first step in addressing your hearing health. If a hearing loss is identified you will be referred for a full hearing assessment. Following this, a Managing Your Hearing Loss course or Hearing Loss Management Sessions will assist you in learning a range of communication strategies to utilize in different listening situations.

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