Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my hearing when I am out for dinner with friends?
Why is it so difficult to hear in a group?
How can I encourage others to speak more clearly?

The Rehabilitation Team can assist you to develop your use of a range of strategies and tactics that are helpful when you have a hearing loss. It is important to be an active listener, sharing the responsibility of your hearing loss. Remember: Communication is a Two-way process!
Some strategies to consider:

  • Be specific when you tell the other person to change the way they are speaking. For example, don’t ask them to speak up if the main problem is that they are speaking too fast.
  • Confirm what you think you have heard and ask the person to repeat only the part you have missed out on. We can offer individual sessions at a number of our locations in and around Melbourne.

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How can I hear when people mumble so much?
Why do I find it easier to hear in some settings yet have so much difficulty in other places?
Why do I have so much difficulty understanding someone with an accent?
Why does my partner seem to have 'selective' listening?