Hearing clinic and services testimonials

Providing quality hearing services including hearing loss management and hearing products is very important to us. Here's what some of our clients say:


I think Seray is amazing. From the 1st January 2018 (my first appointment) to the 2nd March, we have resolved my hearing and I have the answers and explanation I needed to improve my life. This period has been life changing and I’m excited about the future.

- Chloe, Expression Audiology Client

Pacific Ears musician ear plugs

"I have had a solid couple of weeks to test the musicians plugs in a variety of settings and I personally love them. The frequency response is clear, and they make super loud situations a lot more decipherable than they are without plugs (or with store bought generic plugs).

The filter seems to be a great fit, I wouldn't want them any quiter or louder. For me, they are a really comfortable fit and sound a lot better than I expected and they defintely don't get in the way of rehearsing.

Thanks a bunch for all of your help" 

- Vincent (Music Victoria member) April 2017

Siemens Binax

Siemens Binax: a pleasure to use

"Dear Expression Audiology,
Thank you for introducing me to Siemen’s Best Sound Pure Binax hearing aids. For eight years I used  a different hearing aid  system. This new Siemens Aids are a pleasure to use. I wear them all day and they greatly add to the quality of my life. 

I feel I have stepped back ten years in time and being well into my 70th decade this  is a great bonus. Now: I can now clearly hear conversations across  a large living room with glass walls and hard floors so my husband no longer has to repeat his conversations 2-3 times.

He is very aware that I am now hearing him with absolute clarity- no more ‘What did you say?” moments, and no more confusions as to what we are talking about. This improvement in the range of hearing as just great for us both. I was on the point of withdrawing from social gatherings and refusing such invitations, and dining at restaurants because the background noise made conversations with me and for me, impossible.

This is totally changed; I now have normal conversations in large gatherings and in noisy restaurants. So I am no longer a social embarrassment to friends and family. This is so good because I like to be with friends  and eating out is a real pleasure. I can now hear my 6 year old grandson’s little treble voice in the playground and at home - so important in nurturing my relationship with him. 

My ability to engage with many aspects of life is so vastly improved that we count the investment well justified. I do thank you for your skill in connecting me to these new aids."

Helen M. Abbotsford VIC

Siemens Binax: A new world of sound

"I’ve lived with hearing loss in both ears for almost 40 years and recently had hearing aids fitted for the first time. A whole new world of sound has suddenly become available, and it has been an absolute revelation. Even as I sit here typing, I can actually hear the distinct clicks of my computer keyboard, and it sounds amazing! The world has become more vibrant and alive.

Importantly to me, I am now able to interact with colleagues, friends and family in many more situations that previously would have left me struggling to make sense of what was going on. In meetings I can now hear people, even when there are multiple people speaking at the same time, and in lectures I can hear the presenter without straining or having to sit in the front row, making learning and absorbing the material so much more effective. At social events, even with background noise and music, I can now follow conversations much more clearly and respond appropriately, and I don’t have to pretend I am following what is going on. This means I feel more comfortable initiating conservations and actively engaging with people, whereas in the past I would have avoided these situations as I knew my hearing limitations would have made things difficult, embarrassing or frustrating.

I have coupled my Siemens binax hearing aids with the EasyTek receiver which allows me to control the multidirectional microphones on my hearing aids using a simple app on my iPhone. This is an absolutely fantastic feature that means I can exercise additional control over what I want to listen to – it is particularly beneficial when I want to have a conversation with a single person in an otherwise noisy environment. It also allows me to take phone calls with the caller beamed directly into my ears and enables direct streaming of television - finally my partner can enjoy the TV with the volume at a ‘civil’ level!. The sophisticated technology behind the Siemen’s Binax is simply remarkable, and importantly, makes my hearing aids even more versatile and useful.

The care and attention I have received at Expression Audiology has been exceptional. Their audiologists have worked closely with me to determine my needs, and have continued to fine-tune my hearing aids to ensure they perform optimally and benefit me in a variety of situations. Aural rehabilitation and other skills important to optimise my hearing interactions have also been provided. I am extremely appreciative of their ongoing care and attention to detail. The effect of having substantially improved hearing has been simply transformative."

- Jason, Collingwood VIC

Nervous to confident 

"I was nervous about going to Expression Audiology at first but Matthew put me at ease. I am only sorry I did not do this earlier, it has made such a difference to my life in general. I have so much more confidence now, I feel I can go anywhere and not be ashamed that I cannot hear what is going on ...Thank you!!"

- John, Geelong VIC 

Getting my first hearing aids

“I saw a different provider five years ago but I felt  they were using high pressure to make me sign up for something on the spot. I said that I would go away and think about it. Consequently, I did nothing, and over those five years, my hearing continued to deteriorate. 

Now, with a husband who has been recently diagnosed with dementia, it means that life is in transition for me;  I knew I’d start to drop out  of things if I didn’t do something about my hearing.  With Expression Audiology,  the audiologist eased me through the anticipation of something inevitable;  there was no pressure;  he allowed me to come to a decision myself about finally wearing  hearing aids.  After a trip to Denmark, I realized that I wanted high quality aids.

I found the whole experience positive; my audiologist was helpful and patient, and the follow up  support has been most valuable. Hearing aids have allowed me to stay connected to the world; I took my granddaughter to lunch today."

- Elizabeth, Geelong VIC

Facing up to getting a hearing aid

"A couple of years ago I realised I was struggling to catch the conversation in social situations. Having been a social worker in Aged Care I knew I had to tackle this problem now before it became all too hard to learn something new.

A talk at Probus introduced the wide range of services offered by Vic Deaf Hear Service. The thing that particularly appealed was that if my hearing loss couldn’t be helped by hearing aids there were a number of other strategies available including lip reading and living with tinnitus.

I now have one  hearing aid after very professional assessment coupled with investigation by an ENT specialist, and practical help on living with a hearing aid. I’m now able to participate fully in social events again and restaurants are the fun they should be. Most people don’t know I have a hearing aid!"

- Mary

Customer Service

Magnificent Service

"I would just like to Thank the Hear Service staff for their magnificent service rendered, Friday past. I found my Audiologist so professional, patient and articulate. Over the past 3 years I have dealt with 4 different hearing  outlets and their service was of a Sub Standard in comparison with that of Expression Audiology - Very Grateful."

- Ivan, Wantirna VIC

"In 10 years as your client I have found this service unfailingly friendly and helpful. And the professional advice has also been of high standard resulting in effective hearing aids. Explanations and non-rushed discussion is appreciated. Thank you."

- Margaret, Fitzroy North VIC

"I am very pleased with Expression Audiology and would recommend it as giving professional and independent advice – not driven by the “dollar”" - William, South Yarra VIC


“Highly recommend the service provided at Oakleigh Expression Audiology for their care and diligence”

- Graeme & Ann, Noble Park VIC


"My sleep-plugs work a treat! Initially I had a little discomfort when sleeping on my side but I have since worked out that they only need to seal the canal and don't have to be pushed in very far at all. The added bonus is that I am not waking as often during the night so I don't roll over as much and my back is not as sore in the morning."

- Josie

Sensitive Sleeper 

"Hi Bridget

Thought I would drop you an email and provide some feedback on the ear plugs for your files.

They are absolutely amazing and block out mostly all the noise from the traffic, except for very loud trucks / bikes speeding past but they are a distant sound.

I can sleep before 11pm now without the noise and don't wake up at 5am when the traffic starts up again. So stress and anxiety are gone too! 

From someone who is a sensitive sleeping and has always had issues sleeping if there is any noise, I couldn't recommend them more highly for anyone who walks through your door needing the same. Thanks again :)"

Catherine (Zzzzzzzzz)

Motorcycling couple

"We found riding on a (loud) motorcycle our ears were ringing afterwards. We tried foam expensive ear plugs but they were substandard. We heard about Hearsavers noise plugs and made an appointment, the consultation was quick and 2 weeks later we had them. They are Fantastic ! On a long ride the noise is minimal, easy to put in and take out. Colour coded so you know which is right and left. I wish l would have known about these years ago, highly recommended !!"

- Wayne & Roberta

Communication strategies

"Came with husband for session with the speech therapist re communication strategies for hearing loss. He was very patient and helpful and understanding. Also encouraged feedback from us. Have a lot of insights to take home with us. With many thanks."

- Lesley, Glen Waverley VIC

Roger Pen

"I just wanted to say how pleased I have been with the Roger Pen, integrated receivers etc. I've had comments from persons that the audio quality for them is much better and 'good as gold'. 

I've also discovered how to use the pen with the phone but to have the microphone on the pen off, and yet if a call comes in, the pen will turn on and I can answer the call from the pen. 

I've used the mic on the pen with conference calls with a single landline phone when we have had four persons around the phone on site here in Carnarvon. The manual FM only has also been very useful when there is background noise.

Very happy, and it works great with the tv and charging at the same time."

- Ryan

Worksafe and Tinnitus

"I was scared beforehand; but now I am 100% satisfied with my hearing aids and with the service I got at Expression Audiology in Geelong. I’d definitely come back again, its made 100% difference to my life - I can hear at the supermarket, hear my music at an enjoyable level. I use them all day for work. My tinnitus I can control with the volume of the hearing aids, and I have a tinnitus program as well if I need it like if its very quiet at home. I am going to bring my mother to Expression Audiology as well because she isn’t satisfied with the place she got her hearing aids.

- Tom, Geelong VIC

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