Bellman Audio Mino Digital Listener with Headset

Product Code: BE2032

The Bellan Audio Mino Digital Listener with Headset is our most powerful personal amplifier ever. With Mino you will hear the words more clearly than ever before. Mino is a all-digital personal amplifier that helps you hear better in most everyday situations. Mino delivers crystal clear sound, even in busy environments. Whether you only have trouble hearing from time to time or are already using a hearing device, it will make a big difference in your daily life.

Mino highlights:

Super discreet:

Mino is as small as a mobile phone and can be kept discreetly in your pocket.

Great sound:
Mino uses all-digital High Definition Audio technology to produce incredibly crisp and clean sound.  Perfect for one-on-one conversations, family gatherings, when watching TV and more.

With directional and zoom microphones, up to 150 hours operating time and telecoil compatibility, the Mino is equipped with many innovative features to help you overcome even the toughest listening situation.

The Mino comes readily packaged with a headset.  Compatible earphones and stethoclip are available to purchase separately - we would be happy to arrange this for you, please contact us at to let us know your preference.